• Hi,

    I'm new to Bluetooth (and awaiting delivery of my puck). A quick explanation on what I'm trying to do and request for some guidance...

    So - I'd like to code my puck so that it pairs with my mobile phone.

    Q1 - from what I can see this functionality is embedded in the device from the off?

    I then want to set some parameters (which I'll use later) - ideally from a Flutter app.

    Q2 - is this possible, or can you only code the device from the Esprino web IDE?

    I'll want the code that I've flashed to the device initially and the subsequent parameters which I have set from an app to send through the parameters as part of a REST API POST.

    Q3 - Is this possible directly from the button - using the bluetooth connection as a conduit to connect to the internet, or would the bluetooth button need to forward the code to an app which would subsequently make the API POST?

    Looking forward to get started once my button arrives!


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