• Hi,

    Thanks for the info about the link... Just fixed.

    Sorry to break this to you but Tensorflow speech was the first thing I tried. The micro:bit isn't fast enough to work with their example code - the code would need re-writing to do less processing.

    What is the error from: print("var model=atob(\""+base64.b64encode(tflite_m­odel)+"\");")?

    This seems like valid Python to me, so I'd surprised it would suddenly start failing?

    Not sure what's going on with the upload - is it possible you had other code running in the background on the micro:bit? But either way that code looks like it wouldn't work - it records 6000 samples of wave data, and I'm not sure you're going to be able to feed 6000 samples into Tensorflow without running out of RAM.

    Re, the build : You're building without RELEASE=1 - you need this to get everything in memory.

    The CODE AND STORAGE OVERLAP error is another error related to not having enough flash memory. The code will fit (just) but there's then no room to save any code to flash, so it errors.


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