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  • Thanks Gordon.
    I use micro stepper. They are strong enough to move the steering mechanism and are less bulky than servos.
    I did consider micro linear servo but the torque isnt that much greater I think and they are more expensive. Those little steppers you can get from china for less than one EUR. Also its fun to control it:) I would put the link to the shop but there is so many of them and links get inactive after a while so its better to google for it.
    It is 4 motors but I have a driver per axis so its front and back separate drive. In reality I apply the same power to all. Because there is no gear once you have them going they draw less current so I dont know if you save much power by powering just one axis.
    m20_motor.png . I tested out lots of them and they vary a lot. The best one for me was M20. It might depend on the vendor as well possibly? They cost less than one EUR.
    Finally this is the pogopin I used. The weight of the car is so little its even too stiff. pogopins.png. I am hoping that this time if I dont use the support boards and solder directly to motor terminals it will add some more suspension action.
    I am fabricating 5 boards. I could send out two preassembled with smd components to anyone interested to get involved with it :) I dont have enough mdb42q and motors so you would have to add these by yourself.


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