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  • Thanks! I added the schematic and layout pdfs to the repo bolidJs_schematic.pdf and bolidJs_layout_all.pdf .
    In the same folder there are gerber files in zip archive which can be viewed even online.

    About the steering, I made some cutouts to allow for 45deg turns. I was concerned with that for the first version. As it turned out the wheels stick out quite a lot from the chassis plus the suspension was so high the wheel had a small gap under anyway. This time I didnt add little boards that the motor gets glued to and suspension is soldered to. I think I will get away with soldering pogopins directly to the motor terminals. I am still not sure if it will work so I might squeeze those boards in before I send it out for fabricating.
    Another thing is that when turning, the wheel that goes forward is way in front outside the board. This is a problem when the car hits something. It can snip the pogopin. I added pads where I want to solder a wire formed to work as a bumper in front. I wanted to have smallest possible pcb so didnt want to make a bumper as a part of the layout.


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