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  • Bangle.setLCDMode() or Bangle.setLCDMode("direct") (the default) - The drawable area is 240x240 16 bit. Unbuffered, so draw calls take effect immediately. Terminal and vertical scrolling work (horizontal scrolling doesn't).
    Bangle.setLCDMode("doublebuffered") - The drawable area is 240x160 16 bit, terminal and scrolling will not work.
    Bangle.setLCDMode("120x120") - The drawable area is 120x120 8 bit, g.getPixel, terminal, and full scrolling work.
    Bangle.setLCDMode("80x80") - The drawable area is 80x80 8 bit, g.getPixel, terminal, and full scrolling work.

    What does this all mean?
    is 120x120 and 80x80 double buffered or not??
    Or only doublebuffered is doublebuffered.. ?
    What has 'terminal' got anything to do with the LCD mode?

    I tested frame rate in the different modes:
    80x80 = 33 fps
    120x120 = 48 fps
    doublebuffered = 67 fps
    direct = 49 fps


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