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    I'm looking at the Accelerometer specification KX023.
    the 0x18 is the CNTL1 register.
    Bit7 Bit6 Bit5 Bit4 Bit3 Bit2 Bit1 Bit0 00000000

    I'm testing this :

    Bangle.setOptions({powerSave: false});
    setTimeout(() => {
    }, 2000);

    inside a .boot1 file..

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    However, if we Bangle.setPollInterval(1000) could get it down to 0.3mA, and turning off the accelerometer Bangle.accelWr(0x18,0x0A); gets it down to 0.15.

    Taken from another post or github comment. Isn't that 'disabling the accelorometer'?


    Here you mention that power usage is halved with just PollingInterval adjustment. Why would we not notice this as normal users? I know that personally I am the type of user who cares a lot about small efficiencies in battery usage, perhaps I'm just a rare specimen then.

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    You want to avoid going much faster that that though - and also avoid drawing stuff to the LCD if it's off.

    I looked at the pizza timer app code :

    Seems that it has a interval time of 500ms for menu , and it does not check if LCD is ON before draw calls? So if I change that I should notice improvement of battery usage?

    I'd say my battery usage with using this app is in the order of 5-10 days , just guessing.

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    So I'm aware you've improved power consumption when the watch is not moving. But if the watch is on my wrist which it usually would be, how can I make its power consumption the smallest?

    I find myself often just having the pizza timer app open and I don't close it, and often its counting down because I use timers in my life.

    If I decrease rate of poll interval would that benefit me?
    Why can't we have a setting in the menu that is power save mode all the time, not just when idle (not moving)?

    Is the poll interval adjustment the only way to save power?
    Which javascript api/execution of an app prevents low power mode, is it just any use of setInterval because its then constantly doing something? Can it only save power when its in ClockFace doing nothing?
    Why isn't disabling accelerometer in the options too? Is it recommended to disable accelerometer if not using it for anything?

    EDIT: I think this might be a common request for people who also care a lot about battery usage, could we get a setting to use the minimum of everything?

    Settings app should be updated to include the already present feature : powerSave?

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    Would it better if I make an issue on the github espruino, to ensure this doesn't get buried? Also, if you are super busy and can't get this done, I could attempt a pull request if you'd like, up to you.

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    Ye i know what you mean, its just that i saw a pattern of recurring. In the real world there might be a slight chance it breaks that pattern and does some other weird behaviour so your solution seems more 'official'

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    That's true... So yes, this could cause an issue. I guess the cheap
    fix would be to suspend transferring of other button presses until
    25ms after the button is pressed?

    That would work too. So the moment it receives 'rising' or 'state=true' to that handler, it must not propagate ( should consume/return from function ) all future signals until 25 ms has past. Including future falling signals and including future rising signals.