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  • I did some research for you to try help your setup. This should get you what you want, ie. viewing output bluetooth packets from phone to watch. Requires installing wireshark on laptop.
    The other way to do this would be to use­erial_pipe on your watch. "Bluetooth" is a Stream class so Bluetooth.pipe. Then all data will go into a file for you to inspect.

    On the applicable Android devices, it is possible to capture Bluetooth traffic as follows:
    Go to Settings
    If developer options is not enabled, enable it now.
    Go into developer options
    Enable the option Enable Bluetooth HCI snoop log
    Perform the actions which need to be captured.
    Disable the option Enable Bluetooth HCI snoop log
    As the relevant files might not been shown in a PC's file browser in 'Internal Storage', copy the file to a PC by means of the Android Debug Bridge: adb pull /sdcard
    The files of interest are btsnoop_hci.log and all files with the extension .cfa
    These are binary files, which can be opened with Wireshark.


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