• So, I can connect to the Bangle from the IDE, send it commands and all works as expected. However the problem seems to be that sending it a "reset()" command causes the connection to drop and it then can't be restored without re-pairing. As the app upload issues a reset() then all commands it sends subsequent to that are lost.

    Issuing "reset()" causes the Bangle to reply "=undefined" (presumably expected), then either the IDE or the Bangle prints "-> Terminal", but after that there is no more response from it until I disconnect and reconnect (see screenshot).

    I observe this behaviour on both my desktop Mac and my iPad using the special Bluetooth-enabled browser.

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    reply to post #3

    The original post indicated a failure to upload apps, failing around 99% but now there may be an issue with the reset() command.

    Before this thread morphs, are there actually two separate issues?

    What was done, such that apps from the official BangleApps repository now upload?

    and, post the results of process.env as indicated in post #7 please.

    'causes the Bangle to reply "=undefined" (presumably expected)'

    Yes, True



    'reset the underlying hardware'
    'If reset() is called with no arguments, it will reset the board's state in RAM but will not reset the state in flash'

    Could some erroneous code be lurking about in Flash?