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  • Ouch, that sounds bad. I'll fix it in a few minutes. For now, if you uninstall the welcome app (it manually install everything without it) then you should be fine.

    Update: It seems the welcome app broke if there was no setting.json file on the Bangle.js - however that's definitely uploaded with the settings app. I had this happen to me as well though, and what must have happened is the upload got corrupted somehow.

    I've now tweaked the welcome app so it'll just soldier on regardless, but it looks like I may have to add some kind of CRC check into the upload process to check that everything really has uploaded ok (it shouldn't really be needed as BLE has a certain level of CRC and lost packet detection).

    Edit2: seems like it may be to do with JS updates from Android. They seem significantly faster than on other platforms and it may be that they're so fast that the flow control isn't stopping things soon enough.


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