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  • Hi! I'll try and do a KickStarter update when I have solid news either way (in 5 days).

    Basically the watch production is on track. There's a chance that the watches will be able to be shipped around the 20th Jan (earlier than expected) but it looks like the factory has a bit of a backlog, so it may not be until after Chinese new year.

    I should get them maybe 5 days later, and then it's a matter of programming the Bangles and getting them in the post to you. If they do arrive early then I may delay things a little in order to make sure I can put a full-featured, well-tested firmware on them though since there's still bags of time in hand.

    There's been a lot more interest than I expected (plus I've had to do all the accounts for the KickStarter campaign), so right now I'm basically having to spend the entire first half of the day on admin before I can get any actual work done which is delaying the software side of things a little.


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