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    Andreas, außerordentlich hilfreiche Seiten! - Exceptionally detailed and true to the language... staying away from Neu-(Hoch-)Deutsch. A strong counter weight to the often lukewarm articles found on heise.de online, lest the polemic, unresearched and plain ignorant comments... (comments to make the race of having the most comments: There is no reason for me decry pasta when I prefer potatoes... 2cts about that... btw, I love both: the hybrid approach proves to be the most resilient way to take advantage of a rapidly changing, multi faceted world).

    With so much excitement though comes my frustration with my own age and the apple aqua mania: a little gray in gray and hard to read because of contrast - or absence of it... I know that style - and colors and branding and... - are a matter in the eyes of the beholder, but there are tools to get both - your cake AND to eat it. Give one of the links found with

    https://www.google.com/search?q=ada+cont­rast+test&oq=ada+contrast+test a shot.

    Btw: I like @Gordon's reference to ridiculous... it's like in many other language contexts where the opposite is used to describe something for which the commenter just ran short of the word(s) suitable to the fact(s). You have to go far to get a more sincere compliment...


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