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  • @Oscar, I assume you did the basic test with the sensor (break out board) as well as you did with your code. I worked through the specs of the touch breakout board as well as thru the chip's data sheet and I see no glaring thing. If the sensor is doing its job - its LED comes on and goes off on touch - either momentary or toggling - I can only think of some wiring issue or issues with the output... If you have a multi meter, measure what is going on with the touch sensor output (according to schema, it has a 100K GND connected pull down resistor and it is acktive high, you need to set the Espruino pin to "input" only... no need for an extra pull-down. Also, you do not really need a debounce, since it that is taken care of by the chip... except you want to impose an extra behavior).

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