• Sun 2019.12.29

    While I review the index.html and *.js files, (as the AppManager is on the 'apps' page, I expected the source to reside there with the other ex:clock app source too) I wanted to get this posted first, as I realize my question was too specific.

    The instructions there are to add a newly created user app to the running list.

    When uploading an app, the file appears as code and it's internal functions may be observed using dump() so we know it is in memory.

    The 'Settings' menu has an option, 'Select Clock.'

    I made the assumption, that as the AppManager is loaded the same way as other apps, it functioned the same way. (may learn that as I review the files at the repo)

    The main issue is, 'How do I load an app?'

    As the 'Settings' menu allows the selection of a clock app, my first guess was that I need to modify that menu in order to specify the desired app.

    But, then I discovered an app called the AppManager, but downloading it doesn't have it appear, so it's functionality is unknown.

    Maybe it is as simple as modifying the .json meta data, but it's not clear how those files get picked up. Also not sure of the index.html reference. Is the intent that an app function inside that calling page, and the watch screen mimics a browser at that point?


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