• I know why leaving out the array completely is not on the list: limit of number of arguments... On the other hand to have extra packaging around the data is like going to produce store and find every cherry in it's own package even though many being twins or triplets by stem... ;-). With scares resources I'm totally fine with single level array packaging... for simple polygons though I could well live w/ just plain 'naked' arguments. For places where that is so - such as the rectangle - I still can do it data driven w/ single 'object' by usine g.fillRect.apply(g,extentArray);.

    For polygon I could see the close information being in the last array element... But thinking about why I would like to have that and how I would use and construct it, it is not worth further pursuit (to go o-o for shapes, the shape info would be missed and needed as well to be included... For that I can then either make a real object w/ properties, such as: shape:, vertices:, closed:, or with arrays as object crutches, [shapeTypeValue,[verticesValues,...],clo­sedValue].


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