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  • @allObjects I may have discovered why fillPoly isn't doing quite what you expect. I should have remembered this:Ā­s/ComputerGraphics/PolygonFilling.html

    ...avoid drawing pixels twice...

    pixels within the boundary of a polygon belong to the polygon

    pixels on the left and bottom edges belong to a polygon, but not the pixels on the top and right edges

    Could that be the problem? I'm definitely thinking that Espruino should ignore that, but it seems such an expected part of the polygon fill algorithm it may annoy some users?

    Attached is screen shot from Bangle.js emulation. Pic from Pixle.js- result is though exactly the same... (why???? - not same display driver).

    Actually if you mean then it is the same display driver. That's the nice thing about it - it really is Espruino running inside the browser :)


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