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  • Wow, yeah - custom firmware seems like overkill :)

    The Pixl.js logo is displayed at boot, and after a reset it's only there for a fraction of a second - a g.clear();g.flip() in your code would probably get rid of it pretty quickly.

    If it was a real problem for you I could probably modify the firmware to have a flag that disabled that behaviour though - this is the first time it's come up.

    However it seems the real issue here is the text that appears on connect/disconnect? That's just as @AkosLukacs said - the REPL goes to the LCD by default, and Bluetooth.setConsole(true) will force it to stay on Bluetooth.

    ... it's work leaving on the LCD for development purposes though - if your code causes some kind of error then you'll get a stack trace on the screen, which can save you a lot of trouble!


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