• Thanks @MaBe

    Upgraded from v2.4.0 to V3.2.0 using your link. But still doesn't recognize the MDBT42Q. Tried both just powering up, the one second button release and the five second hard reset.

    I suppose a reboot of Windows10 might be the next step. Don't have iOS or a smart phone to try the android version.

    Just tried on the old laptop with a BLE dongle, that hadn't lost pairing, but get the same stalled progress as in #7 image.

    And, same error 'Windows Web Bluetooth is broken in <68' when using the native WebIDE to just connect:

    Loaded code from storage.
    GET chrome.storage.local.OFFLINE_DATA = 0 bytes
    Web Bluetooth available, but Windows Web Bluetooth is broken in <68 - not using it
    >>> Connecting...
    Set Slow Write = true
    ERROR: Unable to open device (connectionInfo=undefined)
    ERROR: [notify_error] Connection Failed.
    >>> Connection Failed.

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