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  • There's the HM-10 module that you can add:

    But it's not desperately well supported - you basically have to send AT commands to configure it. In a similar way you can use the Adafruit Bluefruit LE Friend boards like this one as well (which will be much better documented).

    Your other option to get nice Bluetooth and WiFi is to go the other way - add WiFi to an Espruino Bluetooth board. It's trivial to add an ESP8266 onto something like the the Pixl.js or MDBT42 breakout, and you get the same API you'd get with the Espruino WiFi. Only downside is you don't get USB, and you don't have enough RAM to handle HTTPS.

    Of course you could also use an Espruino WiFi and a Bluetooth Espruino like the MDBT42 breakout - then you're running Espruino on both devices.


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