• I'm afraid that right now, while Espruino could be embedded in another OS, it's not actually that easy.

    Just one of those things - sadly running on other hardware makes me no money, so unless someone will pay for the work to tweak Espruino to make it easy I have to focus my efforts on doing things that make more people buy Espruino boards.

    Having said that, if you're not bothered about having actual JS (just something that looks like it) then you could look at TinyJS (or the various forks like 42, which is better). This is basically the precursor to Espruino and is a single-file JS(ish) interpreter that you should be able to embed and extend pretty easily.

    There are a few other things you could look at too - Duktape, JerryScript, or V7 could be a good bet
    (it's another single-file JS interpreter, but it's more efficient and is actual JS). Then there are the non-JS engines like Lua that could be worth a look.


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