• Hi,

    I'm workin on a project.
    I need to scan 8 external buttons.
    Therefore I use the setWatch function.
    But it looks like the Espruino can't handle 8 setWatch functions.
    If I disable (make a comment of it) a few setWatch, then it is working fine for these buttons.

    The pins I used are C7, C8, C9, C10, C11, A8, A9 ad A10
    Tis is the setWatch line

      setWatch(visitorScoreUp, A9, {repeat: true, edge: 'falling', debounce: 300});

    The other pin of the button is connected to the GND


  • That is a limitation of the microcontroller:

    You can't setWatch on two pins with the same number (eg. A5 and C5) - this is a limitation of the STM32F1

    From the Known problems section in the Original Espruino Board's docs.


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