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  • Mon 2019.07.29

    I accidentally put the WebIDE into a state this past weekend, while rapidly typing in input, with an unknown finger f'd sequence that seems to be what you describe, a resizeable frameless view. Took a considerable amount of time to figure out what I did to accidentally get there, as one has to get out of the mode first, as the close button disappears, before learning how to get in to it!!

    I've since learned it is WebIDE Ctrl+F    For $10 (worth every penny) I'll explain how to get out of it.    ;-)

    Hint: DO THIS BEFORE entering the above cmd. See: WebIDE >> Settings >> About

    or, are you attempting to do the work with a rendered Html page, which could be accomplished with Javascript within a Html page and launching a new Window instance that way?

    Clarification EDIT:
    The 'which' in the sentence above refers to launching an Html page frameless Window using Javascript that would run the Puck.js page. That page would however need to be served from a remote server, like GitHub as Ollie describes below, as the 'https' protocol is required.


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