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  • I'm looking for hardware for a little project and trying to find out if puck.js is a right fit. What I want to do s track if something(generic BLE tag) is not leaving the room. I was thinking about placing 2-3 puck.js in the room. A generic BLE tag would just need to advertise with set interval his ID. Every puck.js will need to listen to ID and forward/advertise its own id, the id of generic BLE tag and the signal strength of generic BLE tag. Now I will need some gateway that will get this info and based on it analyze if generic BLE tag is in the room or not.
    Do you think puck.js can do this?


  • Most likely yes. Of course depends on how accurate and secure this must be: you can cover it with something, so it disappears. Clone BLE tag. Or might still have enough signal strength just on the other side of the door.

    For the gateway, take a look at EspruinoHub

  • Hi, thanks for your comment. Sure, if I cover it with something it will disappear. To work around something blocking the signal I was hoping that 2-3 pucks should pick it up unless I put an iron pot on it or something. To check if it is inside our outside the room I was thinking to analyze signal strength collected from all of the pucks with the hope that I can determine its outside... What do u mean by "Clone BLE tag" ?


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