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  • Yes at most one needs to open just one but all other can be updated wirelessly. With a bit of luck even the first one will work as I tried with DS-D9 and generic espruino build. It comes up and can be connected over bluetooth and the rest of HW could be figured out by trial and error from espruino and/or reverse engineering the firmware.

    I have another batch of SDK11 nrf52 based trackers, these are too from VeryFit Pro app but there was no sensible metadata so the strings are from firmware binary

    • Polyfit HR Pro
    • ID 107 Plus Color HR
    • ID131 Color HR
    • ID133 Color HR
    • ID130 Plus Color HR
    • S4000
    • ACT304
    • ID115 HR (this one is nrf51, 32K)
    • ACT101 (nrf51, 16K, look like ID115)

    The S4000 is interesting as it has GPS however I cannot find any info about it. These are bluetooth names so the product may have different name. Some interesting strings from S4000 binary : sony\gps_cxd56xx_agps.c, oled, spi_flash,PPG_sensor\si117x\si117x_ic.c


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