• Sat 2019.03.16

    Hi @FuzzyBumble what duration is the 'whole time' as it isn't really spelled out? A day, week, month?

    from #30 pp3 'all the code that has been running on the puck this whole time'

    Although I did a quick peek at the code file, I didn't spend much time attempting to comprehend it. These might help:

    Excessive LED usage along with repeated advertising and endless Javascript loops are battery killers. 240mAhr capacity. The function lightshow() is drawing 10mA for a second. That could add up.


    and under heading Power Consumption


    ' maybe I should get the pixl instead for its ability to be plugged into a wall socket for power?'

    More authentic Espruino boards are a good thing !! ;-)

    Have you considered a 5V wall wort, micro USB female receptacle and a 3V regulator? My development setup is wired to Gnd and 3V (adj to D2)

    Image under heading Pinout



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