• All right, I'll have to test it & come back with the results ;)

    If I understand you correctly, your suggestions ( software spi or pin swapping ) won't help reduce the number of pins used, right ?

    Or by 'pins swapping', do you mean declaring software or hardware spi/i2c but with a different pin for the clock signal so as to only have the device(s) with this clock pin connected to actually received data ?

    See the attached image for the list of pins I need to connect everything to the Espruino Wifi

    To "optimize" the pins mapping ( and at least get below 21 ;) ), I was thinking of a way to free 3 pins while still allowing the use of 'setWatch()' for the 5-way switch, but this may or not work at all depending on if I can manage to get just the right resistor values AND have the transistor go saturated for every button ( maybe by wiring it's base to each button output, not only the last one ? .. )
    -> see the following link on this subject ( if one's kind enough to get "correct" values, I'd be happy to return the favor ;p ) https://www.tinkercad.com/things/9egZEDS­HPMv-exquisite-crift-inari/editel?tenant­=circuits?sharecode=Srm7jaS-vy22K2qTF8z6­q6bGo-_pqyLyWWvrb9ZA5SY=

    I'm thinking of another way to doing so but didn't take the time to write them down or have a try on them ( .. )

    Can wait to have everything fit on the EspruinoWifi pins in one way or another & hope my program fits in the memory before finally trying this project .. finger's crossed :)

    ' be posting updates on the spi/i2c APA thing & the 5-way switch as soon as can do ;)

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