• While developing a module, it is convenient in early stages to have all code in one and the same file, that is:

    • module code
    • some test code
    • application (example) code

    For a module example, I want to have a module that

    • retrieves a temperature (polls)
      • from a given DS18B20 sensor
      • on given intervals
    • holds on to the sensed temperature
    • has a name for the temperature
    • returns name and degrees in desired unit (Celsius or Fahrenheit)

    This is good enough for now, because:

    The focus of this conversation is less on the module and its functions but more so on the development process within the Espruino Eco System - IDE, Project, Sandbox, Module Compiler (js minifier), etc.

    Subsequent post will walk you through the steps to build a module for yourself... and may be for others too.


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