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  • Sorry I'm late to reply to this.

    I know what you mean about the land-grab. If I were VC funded I think that'd be a really obvious choice, but it's difficult. That was Codebender's attitude, but they're shutting down now. I think there's got to be some glimmer of a way of making money at some point in the future before I really go for it - but obviously I don't want to put ESP8266 users off.

    I'm actually looking at doing a Patreon page at the moment - hopefully I'll be able to add forum badges (I'll experiment with doing it for donations), and will try and expose specific things to supporters through that as well (like possibly the online ide service for ESP8266, or maybe an automatic test system).

    I think realistically I need to bite the bullet and start adding proper services to (just using Auth0 like is used for the forum). At that point I can do some much more interesting stuff - like allowing multiple files in the IDE, easy personalised modules, remote login, etc - and can limit access to features unless you're using an Espruino board or are on some kind of simple subscription.


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