• Well, as far as I know the F429discovery board worked over serial, but I don't think it had working USB. I have totally rewritten USB since then so it may go - either way that'd be a good start.

    With SRAM/ROM - usually it's just calling the right commands to set it up, then it gets mapped into the memory space... but actually the RAM probably isn't that important - with the 256kB on chip you can do a lot. Only thing I seem to remember is it wasn't in one contiguous block - which means you could only have max 128kB of JS vars.

    For graphics, you could use the existing Graphics library and point it at a big area of spare memory using a Native String, then updating the screen is probably just a matter of pushing the data out byte by byte in a 'flip' command - at least initially

    I should point out though that ST themselves make some pretty awesome dev boards with touchscreens now - they're actually likely to be cheaper and much easier to get ahold of.


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