• Just to add here, as I understand it you've got 2 main bits to Bluetooth Smart - Advertising, and GATT.

    Advertising is when a device automatically 'pushes' out data in an advertising packet every so often. So it says what it's name is, and what it supports - you don't need to transmit anything to it to get that information. That's what Espruino supports at the moment.

    For GATT, you have 'characteristics' - just a bunch of properties that can be read and set - and the other device has to be able to transmit data in order to use those. At the moment they're not exposed in Espruino (except the 2 that are needed to use Bluetooth as a serial port).

    They could be in the future (and will be) - it's just a matter of someone finding time to do it :)


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