• I tried to use the .getPixel(x,y) to save areas of the display to later restore...

    Reading from any location I always get 0 - even for locations I just set, and can actually see the just set pixel.

    I know that the boards are connected properly (Espruino outputs and inputs to breakout board inputs and outputs). I also know that the boards communicate properly because can write and read from the board (for example, .setColor() and .getColor() work). I use the breakout board from http://www.adafruit.com/products/1770

    Why do I get just 0 back with .getPixel()?

    PS: 'looked around' and found some low level reading... about Highly optimized ILI9341 (320x240 TFT color display) at http://forum.pjrc.com/threads/26305 I'm sure this would all hide behind the Graphics.readPixel(x,y) JavaScript implementation. Since a single pixel is usually not of real use, the read of a rectangle and related (re-)write into and from, for example, a uInt16 like buffer (streaming in to and out of an SD card for larger areas), is the desired function. To make it w/ 16 bits, two colors have to be expanded/collapsed by a bit to make that happen, and from what I can read from the controller's datasheet, it may even be supported by the controller...). I'm not ready yet to take on such hardware close calls... but it could happen sooner with some help from any Mr or Mrs Geek G. Shoehorn.... ;-)


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