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    Gordon, require("net").createServer() will not work because most of functionality was commented out just to be able to compile... Currently it fully supports just javascript and few functions unknown to you, related to ESP wifi, but anyway, what is explained in readme, works perfectly :)

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    I don't know why I am user57360, but I should be aplikatika@gmail.com.

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    Hi guys!

    First, thank you Kolban for waking me up and pointing me to this thread and Gordon with all respect for everything you have done for Espruino. I really love this project!

    The project Espruino-on-ESP8266 was planed to prove that Espruino can be ported for Xtensia compiler and can run on ESP devices. It turned out successful last March as it was able to run basic JS program with some timer callbacks. At that time I was planning to merge the code to Espruino and complete my task.

    For some good reason, there was my friend Sameh (whom I also thank for support from the beginning) very enthusiastic and said this was not yet done and I need to implement some more functionalities of the device. I couldn't agree more but also couldn't complete everything by myself, so I wished some help...

    I had put on hold this project because of summer time which I didn't want to spend my leisure in the office, but because winter is coming I will be then at home and code, I'll be back in october.

    I still would like to merge the code very soon, ASAP, because the more code will be implemented under this free-style project of mine the harder it will merge into strict rules of Espruino.

    I will be thrilled if anyone would help us with the merge!