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    Thanks for the quick reply, link and advice.
    I carefully examined everything inside, I did not find any signs of moisture or corrosion on any element. But probably everything should be carefully examined again.

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    Hello! Please tell me where I can buy a display for Bangle.js 2?
    Same thing happened to the screen on my Bangle.js 2, factory reset didn't fix the problem either. Sometimes the flickering and inversion stopped and the screen worked as it should. Searches for information on this issue turned up nothing, so I resigned myself to it and put Bangle.js 2 in the box with a shutdown.
    Earlier this year, I came across @Espruino's "Bangle.js 2 Disassembly" video and decided to try opening the watch and poking around in hopes of finding the cause.
    But the display was held very firmly and by heating the display to 70C°, then to 80C°, I could not disassemble the watch. After raising the heating temperature to 90°C, after several attempts, it was still possible to peel off the display and disassemble Bangle.js 2.
    But due to the heating, the display became stained and darkened.
    I didn't find any flaws or damage in the middle of Bangle.js 2, so I hope that replacing the display will bring my Bangle.js 2 back to full life.