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    Sorry, just getting back to this. The code below when pasted in the IDE returns 'false' normally but then does detect a button press and issue 'true'.
    Repeats as long as I hold the button down.
    Interesting as the button still does nothing else with the hack I have in place.
    And the watch can still relock with the button pressed.
    Haven't tried the other method yet, but my hack seems to work OK provided I'm in the clock (

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    I have a similar problem with a JS2 I bought early last year. The button appears to be stuck and sends the watch into a continious reboot loop.
    I implemented the instructions here: (https://www.espruino.com/Bangle.js+Butto­n+Reset) , specifcally putting these lines at the beginning of my (custom) clock:

    Bangle.setOptions({btnLoadTimeout:0}); // disable app reload
    setInterval(()=>E.kickWatchdog(), 2000); // disable watchdog

    I also tried using Bangle.setUI to set swiping to replace the use of the button. But I couldn't get that to work for some reason.
    Obviously I've had to use settings to add a different wake condition. Afer various experiments I went for double tap, but this still causes my watch to accidentally wake up quite regularly and run the battery down or trigger the launcher which is irritating.
    Currently experimenting with Bangle.on('lock', lockHandler()), where the lockHandler function re-locks the watch unless there's a swipe within 2 seconds!
    It's a bit Heath Robinson but I think very much in the spirit of what this watch is for! ;-)