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    Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply, I will dive right in and try.

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    I am new to the Puck-js world, so far I am very impressed with how it all works and have been able to accomplish most tasks but I am struggling to get it to stay connected in the background of an android app.

    GOAL: Keep the puck alive in the background and update a characteristic on button press (from the puck) to trigger an event. Essentially using the puck as a panic button. All of the functionality works up until the point where it has been anywhere from minutes to an hour after the first connection (while the app is in the background) that it disconnects and the app no longer sees any characteristic changes.

    QUESTION: Is this possible? Can I keep the puck connected to the app indefinitely while the app is running in the background on my phone (android or IOS)

    Any direction on this would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!