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    Hi, I'm curious as to how people use their Bangle.js device. I've seen the various tutorials and browsed the app loader - but how are you using all of this in your day-to-day? I understand the answer for some may be that you're part of building the project / developing apps, etc.

    I'm just an "ordinary user" and have to date not contributed anything except buying it. I got mine over a year ago and this is how I've ended up using it:

    1. Time and date, including week numbers (I find it convenient
      sometimes to use a watch for this as picking up a phone for any
      reason in a meeting can be seen as being distracted)
    2. Step counter, but only on a per-day basis - I have not figured out how to view trends in any meaningful way
    3. Message notifications when I'm at work and have my personal phone on silent, then I still get notified on my wrist if someone writes me.
    4. Tracking runs using the timer function (distance never worked for me, GPS never starts)
    5. Doing HIIT intervals (using the Speech Timer app)
    6. Setting simple timers for other things
    7. Moon phases

    I'm curious about your uses!