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    I hand soldered accelerometer/gyro chips to MDBT42 modules, mount them on my cycling shoe, stream the motion data to Android and iPhone apps recording and displaying cadence and foot angles. I wrote the MDBT programs with Arduino sketch and programmed them with ST-Link V2. Rather than continue building my own hardware I thought I'd use PUCK.
    Using Chrome I can successfully flash espruino onto my PUCK (I want to be able to restore the PUCK to it's original function). When I try flashing my program I simply get an error message "Sorry, the firmware update has failed." Using Android DFU update I can flash espruino, but again my firmware fails.
    I first tried flashing to my hand-wired boards years ago when I had found an nrfutil.exe Windows program that appeared designed to create downloadable zip files for just this purpose. This nrfutil program displays package information for both the espruino zip file and my own zip file.
    This might be enough information for someone to realize that I'm trying something impossible. If this is actually something that is supposed to work I can provide more detail.
    Here is an overview of my project: