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    Thanks a lot for the feedback !

    It's a micro:bit 2

    I'll read your docs and try to figure it out... there's also some code for micro:bit more (a scratch extension that features the light intensity reading), I'll try to figure out how to add it to espruino

    Thanks !!!

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    Hi all
    Just discovered Espruino for Micro:bit and it was a revelation!
    I'm trying to build a small project that makes use of the internal "light sensor" (the one that makes use of the led display) but I see it isn't yet supported, right?
    I imagine it would need to be implemented from scratch since I don't see the library used eg by MicroPython to access micro:bit hardware.
    Any plan for the future?
    Otherwise I'll start studying the library in my spare time to understand how it works to try to implement it directly in Espruino

    Thanks in advance!