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    btw i am ok to pay small donation (USD25?) if someone could help in the critical step each time.
    I do want to make it happen. and will make them available openly. thx

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    previously i bought a p8b but it's a mirrored version,
    i installed espruino as in the eucwatch;
    except the mirror-ed screen, things seems working i.e. bootup, connect to private store of p8.

    i got a sealed pinetime so cant do developement,
    i am consider buying a bangle.js v2 and forget about pinetime,
    or but a pinetime dev kit and try agian.

    i saw from eucwath or else, the p8/pinetime espruino is just v2.14 vs latest v2.19,
    any one can comment is it hard to pick from what others have been done?
    i.e.; to install the ported espruino on pinetime,
    and update the espruino appropriately.

    if i got money, i'll buy a bangle v2 + pinetime dev kit.
    i still wish espruino to happen on pinetime, as pinetime is cheaper, have color display, and i believe pinetime would be available for a longer time -- their development cycle is slow, and bangle.js v2, althought is a china tailor-ed model, may not be available at all times.

    thank you.

    ps: i got some 3 month college programming knowledge, and rely on gpt4.

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    euro 70 is quite expensive for me now,
    may i ask is there any promotion/discount?

    previously some works could result in discount,
    i used gpt4 to help me wrote a JS to convert microwave oven timing between 800W's and 700W's, would be useful. could this result in a discount?

    also, i just got my P8b smart watch and installed espruino, but it's a new variant and got screen mirrored, it's not bricked but likely hard to return even back to a watch state. will this result in a discount/promotion too? i could photo/video this as a proof.

    thank you.