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I'm a programmer :)

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    Looks pretty cool!

    Yes, I'll be using the DS18B20 sensor (I've had success with this on an Arduino project before, so would use them again)

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    Certainly some food for thought...

    After having a further look, it looks easier to to WIFI with the pico boards and wiring up a temp sensor to that.

    Basically just need to be able to do a GET or a POST to an endpoint that will contain the temperatures (Going to be 3 probes attached to the board)

    Thank you very much for your help on this - excited to get started on it :D

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    Thanks for this,
    We dont really need to see the tempratures we just want to send them to our server.

    Is it possible to use the "Espruino Original" board (https://shop.espruino.com/espruino-board­s/original) with the wifi adapater or an ethernet board?

    All articles point at using a pico board rather than the "full-fat" one

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    Long time lurker, always wanted an excuse to get one to tinker with and now I think is maybe the time?

    So where I work, we have a network rack in an "out building" (it has power, ethernet and WIFI) BUT we have no way to know the temperature inside the rack - so was thinking to get one of these Espruino boards and a couple temp sensors to report to a our monitor server (Zabbix for those interested).

    However this raises a few questions, the boards themselves don't have WIFI or Ethernet capabilities and finding what's needed to give this boards the capabilities seems a bit of a mixed bag.

    So, what does one need to purchase (obviously the board and temp sensors) to get this project going?

    I'm in the UK if that helps too :)