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A retired IT guy living in the woods and soldering with shaking hands.

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    Well, for this project, the lack of SSL is not the killer. I can definitely do a lot at the remote server end (like limiting the access to an IP range), or possibly add an Nginx/PHP server as a mediator :)

    Espruino is somewhat weird, but fun to work with, especially when writing the JS app in TypeScript. It is much move convenient than MicroPython, for instance. I like the event-driven approach.

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    Oh, I see, after finding the information accidentally: Hardly any boards can use HTTPS requests. I wish this fact had been written onto the http.request documentation. Now the information can only be found here: https://www.espruino.com/Internet#https and nowhere else.

    Well, I experienced a moment of re-evaluation at this point. In private (unsecure) projects, I think http may work, though.

    Anyhow, after such a good start I had, this was somewhat disappointing.

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    In my test script I have these options

    var options = {
          host:   'badssl.com', 
          port:   443,    
          path:   '/',   
          method: 'GET', 
          protocol: 'https:',

    and this code after the definition.

    var req = require("http").request(options, function(res) {
        res.on('data', function(data) {
          console.log("HTTP> "+data);
        res.on('close', function(data) {
          console.log("Connection closed");

    However, I keep getting a code 400 reply "The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port". There are no redirects at the server end and I have tested the same functionality with my own server, address http://www.xdb.fi/dummy.txt - with the same result.

    The script seems to be using http, despite all my attempts to switch to https. Do I have two blind eyes? I have one semi-blind already :)