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Super beginner on Espruino and wants to learn more :P also loves to talk with new people online or irl!

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    That seems it move forward, but it returns the undefined.

    I2C1.setup( { sda: D20, scl: D19 } );

    See here full snippet:

    >I2C1.setup( { sda: D20, scl: D19 } );
    ERROR: SDA and SCL pins must be valid, got 255 and 255

    As you may tell that I'm very new to this. This feels like I'm trying to push a wooden triangle in the circle hole without knowing what those are.

    I followed the tutorial and it worked but when it comes to me trying to move the motor, it didn't work. Any advice?

    I truly appreciate your time!

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    Hi Mabe,

    Thank you so much for your time!

    Yeah, I ran I2C1 too. See here that I just did 15 minutes ago before began my level 5 search in Google :P

    I2C1.setup({ sda: D20, SCL: D19 });

    I get error like this:

    Uncaught Error: Unknown option "SCL"
     at line 1 col 34
    I2C1.setup({ sda: D20, SCL: D19 });

    also when I wrote to robot to see if it will at least move the right wheel by doing this:


    Seems no luck. :(

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm very new with Espruino and Javascript. I am learning Javascript from w3_school

    Microbit...on other hand...it seems that everything is explained on Microbit

    As this is concise and clear tutorial however, I noticed that there is no information anything about write digital, read digital or move the motor using smart_cutebot

    I tried I2C and it says I2C.writeTo() is not found.

    I've been trying new stuff on this microbit and I feel like I'm nowhere near to the start one.

    So I come here to seek for your advice, or suggestion.