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    I tried many times with the iOS app. After some time the log message will change and say

    Checksum (Offset = 3712, CRC = C0890C67) received
    CRC does not match!

    The watch will still be stuck at the DFU screen.

    I've now borrowed my company's Android phone. Initially, I tried to flash the firmware with the Web IDE in Chrome. It looked promising at first and the progress bar kept progressing, but at the end it got stuck.

    I've then installed the NRF Toolbox for Android and with it I could finally flash the firmware and restore the watch.

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    Here are the snapshots from the nRF Connect app.

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    I'm now stuck at the same position as the one described at the top.

    My Bangle.js 2 got very slow after the last firmware update, which is why I tried to compact the storage. Afterwards half of the apps were gone. Therefore I've reinstalled all the default applications and then did a factory reset. After the factory reset I got stuck at the DFU screen.

    Pressing the button only takes me back to the DFU screen.

    I've tried to do a firmware update on my Mac (macOS v12.1) with the WebIDE in Google Chrome, but it just fails with the "Uncaught (in promise) Error: The state of the DFU process does not allow this operation" error message.

    I've also tried to do a firmware update with the nRF Connect app on my iPhone (iOS 15.1), but I just got a "XYZ bytes were sent while 0 bytes were reported as received" error message followed by a "Disconnected by the remote device" log message.

    Now I'm just watching how the DFU screen slowly drains the battery as I don't know how to turn off the watch.