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    Hi, I have a GW32 watch, which I want to use for Espruino after great experience with Bangle1/F18 and E73 (=MDBT42Q+32768kHz Crystal).

    So far, I opened the watch and soldered SWD pins to pogo pins. With openocd and j-Link cable connected, I can contact the chip. Of course it is locked and needs nrf5 mass erase.
    Should I do that, or should I use nRF-Connect and flash something, using the DFU service?

    I tried to collect all I can find for GW32 from
    Great thanks for that resources, Yngv27 and Jeffmer!

    I am unsure about the workflow to get the existing firmware .zip file on the watch?
    Or should I try to built something new, using the board file? (as I did for E73)
    But I must confess that I am not familar with editing board files.
    Looking at GW32.py, I notice that there is Nrf52840, display and spiflash defined.
    As I did read in the pinout, D25 works as SPI enable and needs to be initialised, but i can´t see anything in the board file, which confuses me.
    I see in yngv27's github repro that there are .js files for GW32, so maybe thats all I need together with a 'lean' espruino firmware.

    Here are some pictures from the PCB, one good thing is that it has I2C pads (I plan to add a pressure sensor).
    The silver part in the middle - could that be a 32.768kHz crystal?


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    It's not a problem with Beebclock, Morphing shows the same problem. And after one start of the launcher Beebclock works also for some time. It looks some parameters get lost/corrupt in RAM and a start with IDE and bluetooth reintializes something - just an idea, but how to debug?

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    Update: It does not need a reboot for the error to come back, after waiting a minute I also can not start the launcher with BTN2.

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    Yes, I did use https://banglejs.com/apps/ -> about -> Install default apps. This did erase the Flash.
    See the images. On the first image to the left there is what I see when pressing button2 in the clock. If I go to espruino ide and connect I can manually start the launch.app.js and I see the selection in the first image to the right. So everything should be there and operational, but the clock can not start anything after a fresh boot. If I start once the launch.app.js I can go to settings and select back and everything is working. The second image show all the items in the Flash. Is there anything missing?

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    I need help with apps on a Bangle.JS system 2v10. I have trouble to access settings or move between apps.
    The screen says 'Loading' and the system hangs. I can reboot with button1 + 2.
    With WebIDE (https://www.espruino.com/ide/#) I can connect and start setting.apps.js on the watch.
    What can be the problem that the settings menu does not start with the Button2 on the watch?
    What can I check to debug this?