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    You mean the line of black rectangles? No, normally I don't see, but if I increase the contrast, I can see the whole first line (my LCD is 2x24) as black bar, but second line is blank...

    If I run lcd.cursor() I see a black underscore line at first column of first line, which then becomes a blinking rectangle with lcd.cursor(1) - understand that's how it should be. The lcd.setCursor(col,row) also works as it should, moving the cursor correctly.

    Running lcd.write() doesn't make any changes, but when I enter lcd.print("anything"), the cursor disappears, and reappears with lcd.setCursor() or lcd.clear() commands.

    So, what might be a problem? Looks like the commands mode works, but not the displaying of characters? Your advise is very much appreciated. Many thanks.
    Mac Ha

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    Thank you, Gordon, for this information!..

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    I'm running Espruino on the original LeafLab's Maple rev.5 board, and can control all the pins, with the help of attached pins-mapping table between STM32 GPIO pins, "official" Espruino board rev. 1.3, and Maple rev.5 board.
    Now I'd like to connect the HD44780 LCD to my Maple board. According to the http://www.espruino.com/HD44780 and my table, the LCD should be connected to D0 (RS), D1 (EN) and D15-D18 (D4-D7 data lines), with the code modified as:

    var lcd = require("HD44780").connect(D0,D1,D15,D16­,D17,D18);
    lcd.print("Hello World!");

    However, nothing is displayed, and the Web IDE just spits out:


    What might be a problem? Any advise is very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

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    I'm trying to connect the CC3000 (TI's original Booster Pack for the Launchpads, https://estore.ti.com/CC3000BOOST-CC3000­-BoosterPack-P4258.aspx) to the original LeafLab's Maple board (the Espruino for Olimexino board runs fine). The instructions for connecting CC3000 to Espruino (http://www.espruino.com/CC3000) says it must be connected to pins B3-B8 only. Pin to pin matching of the STM32 chip gives me D42-D43-D4-D5-D9-D14 on the Maple board. However, unfortunately, the D43 pin in the Maple rev.5 board is tied to the Reset button, and cannot be used.
    Anyone can advise if in the latest Espruino images the CC3000 could be connected to other pins, or it still hard coded to those mention in the tutorial? Is it possible to modify the pins used? Any help is very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance

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    Thanks a lot, I've downgraded to Python ver 2.7 (was running 3.3), and it works, the Maple board is running Espruino now!!

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    I'm new to Espruino, and I would like to run it on the LeafLabs' Maple board Rev5. Would the Olimexino's bootloader, espruino_1v63_olimexino_stm32.bin, work with Maple?
    I have, however, received following errors trying to flash the Maple board:

    C:\Temp>python stm32loader.py -k -p COM10 -evw espruino_1v63_olimexino_stm32.bin
    Reading data from espruino_1v63_olimexino_stm32.bin
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "stm32loader.py", line 518, in

    data = read(args[0])

    File "stm32loader.py", line 419, in read

    if bytes.startswith('\x7FELF'):

    TypeError: startswith first arg must be bytes or a tuple of bytes, not str

    AS far as I understood, the error is with reading the flash image itself, or something wrong with the stm32loader.py? Any help and advice is very much appreciated.