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    In my opinion the simplest solution would be a screwable/pushable/waterproof watch pusher. (like attachments)

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    General Question: How would you get waterproof buttons inside a custom made watch housing. [sth. keeping me thinking for a couple of days ;) ]
    Maybe someone has a solution.

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    I have this issue too.
    Gadgetbridge version 0.43.1 (Versio 0.43.2 not available through F-Droid on my device ?)

    Other Apps Installed [latest version for all of them]:
    Active Pedometer
    Battery Chart
    Blob Clock
    Dev Stopwatch
    App Manager
    Battery Widget
    Bluetooth Widget

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    So just for understanding, is this how it's supposed to work ? [attached video]

    It shows now the right time (which it remembers after turning off and on again), after I synced it via Gadgetbridge to my phone's time [Gadgetbridge -> Settings -> Data and Time -> Sync Time active] {maybe you could try this @Fram ?}

    I assume that the set Gadgetbridge-Time conflicts with any manual- / GPS set time on the Bangle.

    Greetings and thanks for your time :)

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    Here are pictures for the measurements of the lug and the pin.
    Does someone have a Suunto core adapter lying around ?
    From what I've seen I think should also fit on the Bangle.

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    I got the same problem:
    Somehow the date got mixed up (battery didnt ran out) and everytime I restart it takes back the old time/date.

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    Hi there,
    I just tried this (watch is on factory settings)[worked on first try]:

    1. BTN2 - launcher
    2. Select Alarms and launch
    3. Choose New Alarm
    4. Choose Save
    5. Choose Back

    And an icon appeared in the top left corner. It also vibrated when it hit the time.