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    Maybe now that we are testing the IDF v4.x and v5.x versions we could do the build for ESP32-S3. It seems to be the successor of ESP32.

    Has anyone made any progress to start with?

    For me I need to buy the hardware first.

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    Hello, very interesting to keep updated the version to ESP32. And it would be great to migrate to ESP-IDF 4 to take advantage of its advances.

    I am personally working with the ESP32 version and Espruino v2.0.130 for a year, for educational purposes.

    Basically I try to use and test all the functions of Espruino focused on ESP32 hardware. I consider ESP32 + Espruino a more advanced platform than Arduino UNO. And with a more user-friendly adaptation it has a great future.

    Everything that I can help and try you can count on me.

    The rest of the information I share on the Github.

    Richard Gomez