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    Have you seen the new NXP dual-core mcu[1] which starts at $2(for 256K/108K flash/ram) ? it might be a good fit to enable Espruino with real-time :

    1 core could run Espruino with all it's benefits especially with high ram. Another core run Arduino/Mbed,exactly for those real-time tasks. People who don't care to learn Arduino/Mbed, but want to add some real-time stuff can easily copy code from the net.

    I believe there are even ports of the mbed to the lpc4500(a board called bambino-200) , which is another dual core chip from nxp, so it might make the job easier.


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    For reference Cyassl on the mbed takes 3 kb ram and 63 kb flash.

    I skimmed the github of espruino , and it does have some mbed support, what is that about ?