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    Thanks everybody for this thread.

    I was wondering why the Bangle 2 display looked funky, with less vivid colors than the original Bangle.
    Somehow I missed the fact that the always-on Bangle 2 display has just 3 bit color versus 16 bit.
    Hmm - Now I also see Bangle 2 is 176x176 vs. 240x240 on the original Bangle.

    Anyhow - I've been totally blown away with how good the battery life is. No doubt the 3-bit display and lower resolution helps battery life quite a bit.
    Sitting idle for about a week, my Bangle 2 has lost maybe 30% of charge - if that.
    Well worth the trade-off on the display...

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    @Gordon - I recall you left a good hint about Node 10 by the time I first set EspruinoHub up middle of 2018 - so it's been at v8.15.0 all along. FWIW - last I dug in, it seemed to be something about bluetooth signals for a Samsung TV we have that was typically the culprit...

    @ConorONeill - good to know - thanks - I'll finish the round of updates & try the instructions to set it up as a service... That exercise should also help improve my ongoing Linux learning curve. Auto restart should be good enough if the root cause is going to remain lurking around.

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    @ConorONeill - by any chance, have you had any luck with this? I believe I may be seeing the same or a similar issue. I'm in the process of updating everything from circa June 2018 to current - just wondering if there's a chance fresh updates might clear the issue.

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    Thanks a ton! That was just enough to get me started. I've now got this example working about as desired, with both Puck and Ruuvitag. Next I'm moving onto the next example (Puck.js and Node-RED with MQTT).

    FWIW - I really appreciate what you've pulled together - this Espruino ecosystem is both clever and solid :) It's a nice mix of high level abstraction with low level control...

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    It looks like there is a minor typo for the tutorial http://www.espruino.com/Pixl.js+Wireless­+Temperature+Display

    in this line:

    g.drawString(`${dev.name}: ${d.getUint8(0)}'C (${d.getUint8(0)}% bat)`,0,idx*6);

    the battery level is displayed twice...

    looks like that should reference a different element & read:

          g.drawString(`${dev.name}: ${d.getUint8(1)}'C (${d.getUint8(0)}% bat)`,0,idx*6);

    Also, in this same tutorial, I notice that making a slight adaptation to the puck code:

    		console.log("temperature: ", E.getTemperature());

    gives a decimal temperature, e.g. "24.5",

    yet the Pixl.js only displays the integer part with this


    any hints for how to extract the entire decimal part?