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my current project is http://www.toilab.org,
we are a gallery trying to display technological art in perspective of the open source values.
previous projects of mine are:

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    very interesting to me,
    technically 2 is all one needs to create a sort of 'mesh' network and make multi puck implementations.
    we are working with an artist which wants to prototype a toy that displays data structures
    she is a double major [industrial design and computer science].
    we are trying to make the toy 'smarter' by making each 'data' self aware.
    we really wanted to start exploring this in the Espruino environment but we need to use multiple pucks which can send data between each other.

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    The nRF52832 in Puck.js can handle multiple outbound connections (possibly only 4 though?), but at the moment you're limited to 1. Having more means you have to reserve more RAM at compile time - so less space for JS code for everyone :(

    how much of a trade off are we talking about? how much code can compile now compared to what is possible with RAM reserved? does that depend on amount of connections?