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    Could you help me Allobjects? Too much a newbie....Thanks!!

    var wifi = require('EspruinoWiFi'), WebServer = require('WebServer');

    function onInit() {

    if (wifi)
        wifi.startAP('Espruino_Server', {password:"aabbccddee"}, startServer);


    function startServer() {

    var webs = new WebServer({
        port: 8080,
        file_system: '/var/www/',
        memory: {
            'index.html': { 
                'type': 'text/html',
                'content': '<html><head><script src="index.js"></script></head><body>' +
                    '<p>Hello from in memory HTML!</p>' +
                    '<br><button onclick="hello()"> Run client side JavaScript</button>' +
                    '<br><br><button onclick="window.open(\'index.njs\', \'_top\')"> Run server side JavaScript</button>' +
                    '<br><br><button onclick="window.open(\'index.txt\', \'_top\')"> Go to a simple text</button>' +
                    '<br><p align="right"> <small>Espruino WebServer</small> </p>' +
            'index.txt': { 
                'content': 'Hello from in memory text!'
            'index.js': {
                'type': 'application/javascript',
                'content': "function hello(){ alert('Hello from in memory client side javascript'); }",
            'index.njs': {
                'content': index_njs
            'favicon.ico': {
                'type': 'image/x-icon',
                'content': "\0\0\x01\0\x01\0\x10\x10\x10\0\x01\0\x0­4\x00\xf0\0\0\0\x16\0\0\x00\x89PNG\x0d\x­0a\x1a\x0a\0\0\0\x0dIHDR\0\0\0\x10\0\0\0­\x10\x08\x06\0\0\0\x1f\xf3\xffa\0\0\x00\­xb7IDAT8\x8d\xa5S\xc1\x0d\x03!\x0csN\xb7­\x91w\xcaP\xde)3\xd1G\x09\x0a\x85\xab\xa­8\xea\x0f\x02\x82c\x1b0\x92x\x82\xbb\xb7­:\x8f\x08D\x84\xd5\xb5\x1b\x00H\xb6>N\x0­4uN\x12\x92\x10\x11S\xcd]\x0b\xbf\xa9\xe­9\x8a\x00\xa0I\x1a*\x06A\x97\xb7\x90\xd4­\x8e$A\x12\xee\xde\xb2vR\x90$\xc8q\xf6\x­03\xbc\x15Ldw]\x88zpc\xab*\x8c\x08H\xb2A­\x90\x1e\x97\xce\x1bd3\x00\xb8v\x9b\xa7p­\xf7\xb6\x10\x9cb\xc9\xe0Wd\x06\x17\x80v­\xe2\xfb\x09\x17\x00H\xfa\x8b\xc0\xba\x9­c\xe3CU\xf1\xc8@\xd2\x08fW\xf8i3?U\x12\x­18z\x16\xf5A\x9ddc_\xee\xbd~e{*z\x01|\xc­dnfT\x03\x0an\0\0\0\x00IEND\xaeB`\x82"
    webs.on('start', function (WebServer) {
        console.log('WebServer listening on port ' + WebServer.port);
    webs.on('request', function (request, response, parsedUrl, WebServer) {
        console.log('WebServer requested', parsedUrl);
    webs.on('error', function (error, WebServer) {
        console.log('WebServer error', error);


    function index_njs(req, res, uri, webs) {

    return {
        type: 'text/html',
        content: '<html>' + 
            '<p>Hello from in memory server side javascript!</p>' +
            '<p><b>Espruino Memory Usage: </b><br>' + JSON.stringify(process.memory()) + '</p>' + 
            '<p><b>Espruino Flash Usage: </b><br>' + JSON.stringify(require('Flash').getFree(­)) + '</p>' + 


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    Have to mention:
    Also after a reset and reflash nothing changes....

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    I am using an Espruino Wifi.
    Copied the example from https://www.espruino.com/WebServer and had to change:
    Wifi --> Espruino_Wifi and defined a password in wifi.startAP('Espruino_server', {password:'xxxxxxxx'}, startServer);
    After that I saved to code with save()

    WebServer error InternalError {
    "msg": "Unable to create socket\n",
    "type": "InternalError",
    "stack": " at line 2 col 29\nthis.server.listen(this.port),this.e­mit(\"start\",this)}catch(...\n ^\n"
    It has been working a few days ago.
    Could you tell me what is happening?